Are you a good landlord?  

Your tenants will leave at the end of the month and you prepare yourself to welcome new ones. Take note of the 10 behaviors that will make you a good landlord. 

1. A selection of your tenant, you will organize

  • Require its name, address, date of birth
  •  Check his proof of ID, the name of his employer, his income and expenditures
  • Ask for information on his solvency
  • Contact his former landlords
  •  Do not ask for his credit card, social insurance, bank account, visa, passport, driver’s license or health insurance number

Read more here on the info you can request from your tenants.

2. Attention for your tenants, you will have to

  • Pamper them
  • Attract and keep the good tenants

3. A good, clean and habitable accommodation, you will take care to 

  • Give a housing in good condition, clean and habitable
  •  Provide the rented accommodation with all the accessories and the services, on the agreed date for the tenant

4. Provide the peaceful enjoyment of the accommodation for the tenant, you must

  • Do not disturb the tenant during the lease
  • Make sure that the tenant will not be disturbed by the other tenants of the building

5. You will not make any modifications that are not agreed in the lease agreement

  • Allow the tenant to use the rented accommodation for the purposes for which you rented
  • Do not seriously modify the material form of the housing
  • Do not change the vocation of the dwelling

6. Maintain the dwelling in good living condition, you will give yourself over to

  • Keep your accommodation in good conditions, clean and suitable for renting
  • Secure your accommodation (stair ramps, stair steps, emergency exits, fire system, presence of smoke detectors etc.)

7. The commodities, you will repair

  • Make any urgent and necessary repairs, within the required time, and accept the related costs (e.g. heating problems in winter) Read more here
  • Leave minor maintenance repairs to the tenant 

Here you will find how to combine renovations and tenants.

8. Sign an official lease, you will proceed

  • Agreement between you and the tenant
  • Add clauses in the lease
  •  Do not put illegal clauses

You will find here the clauses that you can put in a lease as well as the 10 secrets to a successful landlord-tenant relationship.

9. Know the rental market, you will master

  • Be on the lookout for
  • Visit the rental housing sites
  • Compare and adjust your rent

You will find here how you tell your tenant about a rent increase.

10. Take the right insurance, you will deal with

  • Protecting your rental property
  • Choosing the right insurance

You will find here why you need insurance for your rental housing.
APRIL offers home insurance.

Now you know the 10 behaviors that a good landlord has to respect. It’s up to you!