Being an AirBnB host is often about meeting great people and extra income… Unfortunately, sometimes it goes wrong. Here are 3 unfortunate incidents which will make you think about selecting your guests and having the right insurance coverage.

Toronto : the robbed photographer

A famous Toronto photographer rented his apartment via AirBnB to a “friendly family”. Friendly? Not so sure. While he did respect some of the 35 things that an AirBnB host should do like be in contact with them; he should have checked their identities. Returning home, the photographer noted the extent of the disaster. He consulted surveillance videos and realized that the family was actually a lone man. The thief destroyed and stole $21,000 of professional equipment. Protection against theft and vandalism caused by the guests proves of critical importance.

Calgary : a drug-induced orgy 

A family rented out their home to 4 guests who were in Calgary for a wedding. Except that shortly after the exchange of the keys, a hundred people arrived. They partied for 1 day and 2 nights. After repeated complaints from outraged neighbors, the police arrived and found that the guests had organized a drug orgy. The house is ruined and uninhabitable.
Protection for living expenses to cover relocation expenses during renovations appears as to is valuable aid in a traumatic situation.

Montreal: naked strangers in the living room

A couple came back from their wedding, a bad surprise had spoiled their wedding night. Their 2 AirBnB guests had disappeared and turned their kitchen and living room upside down: empty cupboards, garbage everywhere. Later in the night, the couple were woken up by their guests. They had returned from their drunken evening, drugged, with additional friends and indulged in noisy sex. The next day, in the early morning, the bride faced naked strangers sleeping in her living room amoungst cocaine. Fortunately for the couple, the end of the story ends well since the guests tidied everything, gave the best score to their hosts and had the consideration to leave them an apology note…

Hosting with your peace of mind

First of all, if you don’t want to experience the same type of misfortunes, here are the 35 things you should do as an AirBnB host. Then, understand what the AirBnB Host guarantees are really about. Finally, as zero risk does not exist, choose an insurance that is adapted to short-term rentals.