Thanks to renovations, you can improve the lifestyle of your tenants but more importantly increase the value of your rental. While it’s your right to renovate your property, you could be fined if you “renovict” your tenants, like in New Westminster.  

The best way to avoid any problem is to communicate with your tenants as it’s one of the 10 secrets of a successful landlord-tenant relationship; and to respect your local bylaws. They would differ depending on the type of renovations you’re planning to do:

  • Renovations that do not require the tenants’ evacuation and that will only slightly interfere with their habits. Notify your tenants that you wish to renovate the place. They must be notified at least 2 weeks in advance. You must also inform they the renovation period and when the workers will be on site. The law states that renovations should be operated between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Free to you to speak with your tenant and to make arrangements that fit both of you.
  • Renovations that require the tenants’ evacuation. They must be notified 3 months in advance (2 months in British Columbia and 120 days in Ontario). For a short period, you will have to find a way to relocate your tenants, reimburse them for additionnal expenses or your tenants may subtract their expenses from the next rent. 

If the renovations last more than 40 days, your tenants may decide to end the lease without notice. In Alberta for renovations or condo conversions, the landlord will need to give to his tenants a full year notice.

Don’t forget to advise your insurer that your rental is vacant for renovation.

Indeed, if you don’t mention to your insurer that you are doing renovations, your claim could be denied or even your insurance policy canceled. Don’t worry, APRIL can help you protect your assets at an affordable cost.