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Landlord protection

Including exclusive protection for Unpaid rents and Damage caused by tenants

Revealing our exclusive insurance for landlords like you

Stop looking, you’ve come to the right place. APRIL offers the first and only insurance covering Unpaid rents and Damage by tenants; in addition to your typical insurance coverage.

From $40 / month

The truth about our amazing coverage

APRIL is the first and only insurance provider to cover landlords’ biggest risks; unpaid rents and damage by tenants.

We protect:
–    Your property from fire, water including sewer back-up, wind, hail, earthquake*, vandalism and burglary…
–    Your appliances or furniture if you make them available to your tenants. The Appliance Warranty is available as an add-on on any Residential APRIL policy: 3-appliance plan for $134, 5-appliance plan for $189. If the appliance is not repairable, the landlord can buy a new one from a very extensive catalog at discounted price.
–    Your civil liability as a landlord if your tenant or someone else injures themselves on your property (slip and fall…) and you’re found legally liable.
–    Your rental value, meaning the uncollected rents if your property is uninhabitable due to a covered claim.
–    Your unpaid rents**, if your tenant stops paying you rent or your property is untenantable due to damage caused by your tenants.
–    Theft and damage caused to your property by your tenants**, whether it was made maliciously or not.

*Subject to eligibility criteria – **Optional, available only in Ontario and Quebec –

We are happy to help all landlords regardless of:
–    The type of income property you’re insuring (rented home, condo or multi-plex…)
–    The type of amenities you provide (semi or fully furnished, or no furniture at all)
–    Your history of insurance (multiple claims, first insurance, cancelled for non-payment…)
–   Where you live (whether you reside temporarily or permanently in another province or country than your rented property).

Our insurance products are available in the provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec. The Unpaid rents and Damage by tenants protections are only available in Ontario and Quebec.

7 days to simply cancel your policy. No pain, 100% refundable, provided there’s no claim.

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APRIL is proud to protect Canadian landlords’ assets. We are the first and only insurance company protecting what really matters to you: unpaid rents and damage by tenants. We are offering superior and simple insurance for your rented property. You can be renting out a condo, home, multi-plex or row house; we’ll cover it! APRIL also help you if you have difficulty finding insurance. We are very flexible and accept who property owners got cancelled by their former insurer (for non payment or claims for example); as well as absentee landlords (if you’re living in another province or country than your rented property).

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