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Landlords, here are some tips for you

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Fire safety as a landlord

12,000. That’s the number of residential fires each year in Canada. Most of the time, they are caused by distraction or inappropriate behavior or improper installation. As a landlord, you can’t control


How to prepare for a storm

Hurricane Dorian hit Canadian East coast hard early September and its passage impacted about 300 000 homes. We often know what to put in our emergency kit and how to protect ourselves,

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8 tips when signing a lease with a student

The university semester is about to start, and you would like to rent your dwelling to students. Whether it is the first lease of your future tenants or if you already signed


Rented dwelling and alternative mortgage

You would like to invest in realty, whether it is for your main residence or for a rented dwelling, but traditional credit institutions refuse to give you a loan. Discover how to


The First Time Homebuyer Incentive

To guarantee an affordable access to property to Canadians, the federal government sets up a new incentive for first time homebuyers. This measure is an addition to the National Housing Strategy and

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Who covers damages caused during renovations?

You will be doing some renovation work on your residence and you do not know what your home insurance policy covers. If a loss occurs, who covers what damages? What measures should

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