Evicting a tenant is sometimes a long and complicated process. After judicial procedures and once freed from their bad tenants, landlords never know in which condition they will find their unit. A difficult eviction may push the tenant to cause damages in the unit they have lived in. The deposit being not mandatory is some provinces, landlords may find themselves with unexpected discoveries.

Here are some examples: 

Living in a handmade cabin on the driveway of the previous house

Have you heard about the story of the tenants that was living on the driveway of the house he was evicted from? 

It occurred a few month ago in Cardston, Alberta. The tenant of the house, the ex-wife of Bob Cox, was leaving the place in September. Bob had to leave as well when new tenants moved in. 
Instead of packing his belongings and looking for a new place, he decided that he had the right to remain on the property, as long as he was not inside the rental. 
Any idea of what is next? 
He just built a wooden cabin on a trailer and remained on the driveway for several months with a cable plugged to the electricity of the unit and another one to the water system. 

Unusual, isn’t it?

Treasure hunt behind the walls

Here are two similar but surprising stories that gave landlords  a hard time :

  • After finally evicting his tenant, this landlord was afraid of going back to the unit, in case the (angry) tenant did some damages to the apartment. The landlord was happy to find the place in a relative state of cleanliness but there was a strange smell in the unit. After professional cleaning, painting walls, they discovered (several weeks after) that their tenant have hided dead fishes behind the walls, and filled in the holes afterwards. He was a carpenter …
  • In Chicago, after unpaid rents and several attempts of eviction (up to court), a landlord finally got rid of his tenant. The new tenants complained about a strong smell in the rental. After several inspections, a professional carpet cleaning, replacing the HVAC filter, the smell was still strong. One month later, by making a small hole in the wall, dozens of worms crawled out. The previous tenants put raw meat behind the walls. 

Check twice behind the walls if such a situation happens!

A farm in an house in Ontario

In Kingston, after his tenant moved out, Andrew found his house in a really bad condition. The house and the garage were transformed in a true farm. He discovered that his tenants were living with a goat, several chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats and even a pig! The place was devastated, feces all over the place, the dressing room was used as a cat litter, and the shelves as rabbit-hole. There were garbage and litter all over the garage. They estimated the cost of repairs to be in the thousands of dollars. 

Cat lady

By doing an inspection of his apartment after the eviction of his tenant, the landlord discovered dozens of cats in a 650 square feet apartment. He immediately called the animal control that engaged all the trucks and took several trips around the city to take away all these cats. How many? 62!

The term in the lease agreement that prohibited the pets was not enough. 

Similar stories happened to you? Do not hesitate to tell us!
Thankfully, not every tenants are like that, but it is important to be aware of the risk and to have a good insurance.  For more information, you can read our article that explain why you need an insurance for your rental property.