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Insurance for unoccupied rentals

Competitive price for your vacant rental

Property owner renovating rental

Renovating before renting it out again? Having some difficulties finding the right tenant ? Don’t worry, APRIL has an affordable insurance for you whenrents aren’t coming in.

From $80 / month

The truth about our amazing coverage

We protect:
–  Your property from fire, wind, hail, water*, sewer back-up*, earthquake*, vandalism*…
–    The appliances or furniture you still might have on the premises
–    Your civil liability as the owner if someone else injure themselves on your property (slip and fall…) and you’re found legally liable.

*Subject to eligibility criteria

Our insurance products are available for your vacant home, condo or multi-plex in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec.

7 days to simply cancel your policy. No pain, 100% refundable, provided there’s no claim.

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At APRIL, we welcome vacant rentals. Because sometimes your rental is going to be inhabited. Whether you’re in-between tenants, you’re renovating it before rent it again or you just inherit a property you’re considering renting out. We’re happy to keep insuring your rental while it’s unoccupied. So to cover your empty property: choose APRIL – nice and easy!

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