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Unpaid rents protection

For the one and only insurance for unpaid rents

Unpaid rents insurance

Every landlord’s nightmare is tenants who don’t pay the rent. With APRIL’s unpaid rents protection, you won’t need to empty your vacation savings anymore to cover your rental’s mortgage payment in the event of rent arrears. You can sleep like a baby!

From $15 / month

The truth about our amazing coverage

We protect unpaid rents if :
–    You (or the Court) terminate the lease on the grounds of rent arrears.
–    Your tenants vacate before the end of the lease without respecting the required notice, or at the end of their lease but leaving unpaid rent.
–    Your tenants won’t vacate your rental despite the Court order for their eviction.
–    Your tenant passes and s/he was the only one listed on the lease.
–    The Court releases the tenants from their lease obligations due to hardship.
–  You can’t rent out your property for 7 days or more due to malicious damage caused by your tenants*.

In addition, we cover :
–    The removal of your tenants’ possessions if they vacated leaving them at your rental.
–    Bailiff fees to evict your tenants.

* Only if the claim is covered under the Damage by tenants Protection.

We protect unpaid rents arising from tenants :
–    Who reside in Ontario or Quebec.
–    Who signed lease with you*, AND
–    Who have a credit score of 660 or above*, OR
–    Where the rent represents maximum 40% of their gross income*.

* Documentation to provide in the event of a claim. Read here for more details about the claim process.

7 days to simply cancel your policy. No pain, 100% refundable, provided there’s no claim.

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One of the biggest risks for landlords is not collecting rents; forcing them to use their savings to make the mortgage payments. To avoid such financial distress, APRIL is protecting unpaid rents for Ontario and Quebec landlords. Whether it’s because the lease has been terminated for non-payment of rent; your tenants left your rental leaving unpaid rent or you can’t rent out your property due to malicious damage your tenants caused. 

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