How to list your property effectively to save you time? Here are our tips to make your advertisement stand out and ensure it is read by the maximum number of candidates.

Before starting to write your ad

1.    Understand the trends of your rental market. For example, if the vacancy rate is very low, you will certainly have a lot of applicants who will ask to visit your property. On the contrary, if it is high, you may need to propose a more aggressive rent to attract tenants. 
2.    Think about the profile of tenants you want to attract (families, newcomers to Canada, students, seniors …).
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What does an effective listing contain?

To maximize your chances of receiving qualified calls from future tenants, here is what an ad should contain to be effective: title, description, key information and pictures.

3.    Indicate in the title, the neighborhood and 1 or 2 strengths of your rental.
4.    Write about the nature and characteristics of your rental: type of property, general condition (recent updates), different surface areas, amenities, presence of garden / locker / parking / terrace …
5.    Describe the neighborhood, location, and community features (often a determining factor in the tenant’s choice).
6.    Indicate the rent requested and what it includes (furniture, utilities…)
7.    Specify the date when your rental will be available.
8.    Share your contact details and when you’re available.
9.    Be transparent and say if you ask for a deposit or not (be careful, rules about deposits vary from a province to another, read our article here.)

How to write your description?

The description must attract future tenants and prompt them to contact you. The goal is to help them determine if your unit is suitable to them to avoid unnecessary inquiries.
10.   Structure your description (from general to details) and write clearly, precisely and concisely to avoid losing your reader (avoid acronyms).
11.   Choose the tone and keywords that will resonate with the tenants you are looking for.
12.   Ensure an objective point of view and avoid the repeated use of superlatives (loss of credibility).

How to take great pictures?

90% of readers prefer listings with pictures. Photos are essential.

13.  Take at least 4 photos, main rooms in priority (living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom) and add an outdoor picture (remove the snow if needed), taken on a sunny day.
14.  Pick your listing photo: it must catch their attention. Remember to change it regularly to renew interest.
15.  Tidy, arrange the rooms and depersonalize them as much as possible so that applicants can project themselves in their future home.
16.  Avoid artificial lights to favor natural light. Tip: for best results, take all pictures at the same time of the day.
17.  Stand in a corner of the room to have a good point of view. Place the objective at 1.30 m from the ground or get on a chair for more perspective. Framing is important to give a sense of ​​the real appearance of the room.

How to share your listing?

18.  Share your listing on your social media and ask your friends to re-post it.
19.  Post your listing on various rental listing sites (Kijiji, Craiglist, Kangalou, RentFaster…)
20.  Consider putting a “For Rent” sign in front of your rental as soon as you know its availability date.

Once several applicants have visited your rental, take the time to choose the best future tenant with our 10 tips.